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    1. Skinvive® $475 (1) $699 (2) $975 (3)
    2. Juvederm® Ultra $675
    3. Juvederm® Ultra Plus $675
    4. Juvederm® Volbella $675
    5. Juvederm® Vollure $750
    6. Juvederm® Voluma $850
    7. Juvederm® Volux $850
    Other aesthetic procedures offered:
    1. Kybella® $575-$3,000
    1. Botox® $12/unit


    1. Versa® $675
    2. Versa® Lips + $675
    1. Restylane® L $650
    2. Restylane® Eye Lite $400 / per 1/2
    3. Restylane® Silk $675
    4. Restylane® Kysse $675
    5. Restylane® Refyne  $675
    6. Restylane® Defyne $675
    7. Restylane® Contour $699
    8. Restylane® Lyft $675
    1. Dysport® $6/unit
  • Other Procedures Offered:
    1. Sculptra® for Face $575-$2,500
    2. Sculptra® for Buttocks $3,000-$15,000

Revance Therapeutics

    1. RHA Redensity™ $675
    2. RHA®2 $675
    3. RHA®3 $675
    4. RHA®4 $675
    1. Daxxify® 8$/unit


    1. Boletero® $675
    2. Radiesse®  $850
    1. Xeomin® $10/unit

Yes, you may bruise and swell! It is OK to bruise and swell!!! To aid in the healing process and to reduce the possibility of getting a bruise, ice ice ice the day of the procedure! Sleeping propped up at night, refraining from physical exertion and ‘taking it easy’ for a few days will help you heal properly.

It’s not a massage! LOL. It may hurt a little bit when the injection happens is minimal, and the pain level is very low. Taking a Tylenol an hour or two before your injection will help.

With filler, results can be instantaneous. Given that filler injections cover a larger area than Botox/Dysport, you may have some bruising or swelling that persists for a short while, particularly in the lip region. You can expect this swelling to go down and see true results after 1-2 weeks.

When fillers wear off, which is typical in 6 months or greater, you may experience the same level of skin laxity (sagging) or lack of volume as prior to receiving filler injection. However, proper use of dermal fillers should not result in extraneous stretching of the skin and, therefore, should not result in a lack of skin tightness beyond what already existed prior to injection. If you see lines and wrinkles you didn’t notice prior to injection, it may be helpful to look at your “before” picture to see if these are really new or not.

Simply put, no… not all fillers are exactly the same. Fillers may vary in density, viscosity (thickness), elasticity, pliability (easy or not so easy to mold), and in how long they last. Certain fillers also have specific indications of use and cannot be used in all areas. If you have a particular filler you are interested in, talk to your aesthetics provider to learn why it may or may not be the best option for you and your cosmetic desires.

It’s impossible to say which facial aesthetics treatments would be best for you without knowing more about your individual case. What would you like facial aesthetics treatments to help you achieve? Are you worried about loss of skin volume, fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, your skin looking dull and dehydrated, wanting to create more symmetry or a combination of issues?

The answers to these questions and more will help your clinician narrow down which treatment options would give you the best outcomes.

Absolutely! In fact, successful facial aesthetics treatments are all about personalizing them to the individual to give the best results.

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